Plastic Bumpers

Did yuo know that plastic can be repaired?

The repairs are possible as long as yuo can guarantee an adequate quality. THORNEPLAST guarantees the quality of its repairs during a six-month period without any kilometers limit. The brand THORNEPLAST has some quality regulations that are defined by:

1- Repairs resistance.

2- Paint adhesion.

3- Excellent finish.

THORNEPLAST's techniques guarantee a resistance in the repaired piece equal to that in the original one.


Repairs are environmentall friendly.

The best way to recycle is to repair.

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Thorneplast Repairs


Reinforced polyester with fibre glass.


The repairs are carried out with the some materials used in the manufacturing of the piece, this making the area repaired as resistant as the rest of the piece.

Thorne Plast
Thorne Plast


Shaped with heat.


Identifying the material is essential for the selection os a suitable weld material.Reinforcing the welding with a wire mesh the rupture area more resisnt than the original one.

Flexible polyurethane:



Our bores increase the repairs resisntance. Besides, this area is reinforced with mesh in its lower part.

Thorne Plast



Thorneplast Paint

Funds aplication

Adherent primes

Special putties

Flexibles sizing

Finish similar to the originally carving



Delivery Thorneplast

To enable the machine shop to apply the final paint with the colour os the automobile body, THORNEPLAST delivers the bumpers perfectly masked and packed.



Domestic delivery.

Thorne Plast

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